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       We have two horses. each with different problems. After just one session with Nancy, she obtained instant results. She is teaching us better communication, trust and respect with our horses. We are very happy we found her! She is a great horsewoman, trainer and person!! Therefore we nicknamed her the "Horse Goddess"  Sincerely, Mark & Cheri,
Mark and Cheri, Bloomfield, CT
I purchased a 13 year-old Paint mare after having to put down my 33 year-old Quarter Horse mare, as a companion for my 16 year-old Paint gelding. Soon after Poco arrived at the farm where I board, I realized she did not seem to be the same horse I went to see several times before I purchased her. Long story short, I saw an ad in the "Stead Read" a local monthly equestrian magazine.  The ad read: "Nancy Baenaiger, Horse Gentler, Building the Relationship between Horse and Human".  Her method is Natural Horsemanship and she specializes in Problem Solving.  I made the phone call, the best decision ever for my horse and myself.  Nancy is extremely knowledgeable and has the "patience of a saint" with both horse and owner.  She never quits until the goal of the day has been accomplished and understood.  Nancy's approach has made me a more confident communicator with my horse and Pocohantas a willing partner.  Can't wait to get back to work this Spring! Nancy, you're the best!!
B. Wyman, Grandby, CT.
I attended the workshop you presented near Amherst, MA with my mom, Judith.  I want to say that I so very much enjoyed what you have to give us, Nancy.  Yes the work you were able to do with the horses during that morning WAS IMPRESSIVE!!  And yet, it only seems natural, as you proceeded to speak about the horses language, their hierarchy within a herd, and how they've learned to respond to humans.  I've been able to put to use some of this information already.  Further, I have the greatest respect for what and especially how you have to say about working and owning horses.  The horses are relying on you to speak up for their benefits.  Nancy, please keep doing what you are doing!  It is important work, not only for the horses, but for their humans, so they can become more confident in themselves.
Julie, Highland, NY
I met Nancy at my friend's house where she was working on farrier issues with a horse.  I was mesmerized watching Nancy work with this horse, almost as if they performing an integral dance with each other.
I called Nancy the next day and explained my situation....a very domineering horse and my concern on how to handle him.
Nancy taught me how to communicate with my horse using his language.  She emphasized the importance of timing, pressure and release, and how to read the signs of a submissive horse.  It was my entrance into his world!
Through Nancy's professionalism and knowledge of horse behavior I was able to earn Buster's "respect" and become his "trusted leader".  She would go that extra mile to always leave on a positive note.
Nancy IS a True Horse Gentler.
Breda, Westhampton, MA 


My horse Roxy had 7 homes in just 5 years before we found each other.  Unfortunately Roxy had major trust issues and behavioral problems when I got her.  She had no respect for me on the ground or in the saddle.  I was bucked off 3 times and almost smacked in the face twice when Roxy reared up on me.  My farrier knew the struggles with Roxy first hand.  We unfortunately had to resort to twitching her to get the job done, which was traumatic for her as well as me.  I was at a dead end and had nowhere to turn and no one I could trust.  Then I was referred to Nancy.  When Nancy came out to evaluate my horse there was an instant connection between the three of us.  I knew almost immediately that Nancy was going to be exactly the right person to work with us both.  Nancy not only worked through all the issues with Roxy, but taught me how to better communicate with my horse by understanding things from the horse's perspective and using the language of the horse.  In just six sessions my horse's behavior has done a complete 360.  My horse and I have such a phenomenal relationship now.  We have been truly blessed to have such an extraordinary woman like Nancy work with us.  I am forever grateful for the relationship she helped me to build with my horse.  Nancy has changed our lives!


Agawam, MA


I have been a Farrier for 30 years…I have known Nancy for 10+ years…in a very short time with this method the horses seemed to understand what she was asking them to do.  Nancy’s method is strong and very effective.  I would recommend this method for any horse and rider… But, you need to remember that it is not just the horse that needs to learn, it is also the owner.

Dan, The Farrier

Westfield, MA

      Nancy is a great horse trainer.  With Nancy’s guidance, I was able to build a more successful and trusting relationship with my horse, on the ground as well as in the saddle.  By becoming familiar with the “language of the horse” and understanding horse behavior, it became possible for me to have a conversation with my horse.  These improvements eventually translated directly into the saddle.  Our relationship started to become one built more on trust rather than force.  Nancy has provided me with valuable tools that I will continue to use as long as I own horses.  The benefits of the Natural Horsemanship techniques are endless and adaptable to any situation that you and your horse might have.  I would highly recommend working with Nancy.
Beverly W., Ludlow, MA 
          The day I met Nancy my 9 year old thoroughbred gelding named Sugar refused to go on the trailer.  According to Nancy he had  no respect for me as a leader.  How insulting!   Except, that’s what my alpha gelding needed and wanted, “a Leader”.  I was totally frustrated, but open minded to learn a new way to communicate with my 1000 lb, beast.  She worked with Sugar and then taught me to work with him using body language to communicate with him, as opposed to verbalizing; the human way to communicate.  Now, I am moving his feet so that he respects me.  When I walk up to the back of the trailer and point, he steps on and we are off for a new adventure!  I am much more confident,  Sugar is much more respectful and obedient, but most importantly I am safer on the ground and in the saddle.  Thanks to Nancy, I have become the leader!
Pam, North Wales, PA



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