Nancy Baenziger, Horse Gentler
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Nancy has been practicing, teaching and training horses and humans in New England for almost two decades using techniques based on the language of the horse and herd. She has started colts, retrained older horses, and has resolved the negative behaviors horse owners have struggled with.  


Nancy is a native Texan and spent many of her summers on working cattle ranches in Texas and Arizona. She had the unique opportunity to spend a summer observing wild mustangs in their natural environment in the high plains dessert in Wyoming. This spurred her endless pursuit to understand horse behavior. In the early 80’s she was starting 2 year olds for a large sale barn in the Iowa Amish country where the traditional techniques were brutal and traumatizing for the horse. She was determined to do things differently.

Learning the Language of the Horse is the most fascinating thing I’ve ever done. The horse has given us so much. The least we can do is try and learn their language and work with them based on their true nature. I have learned a tremendous amount from some really great horsemen, but my greatest teachers have been the horses themselves”


Nancy's Horse Gentling methods will bring you an understanding from the horse's perspective.  This insight will strengthen your bond and relationship with your horse. 



Nancy Baenziger, Canyon Creek Ranch, 413-562-1602, 413-348-0018,